Together, Let's Help Rebuild Ukraine.

The Help Ukraine Cryptocurrency is a community-driven project with a clear vision to provide emergency relief, including food, fuel, and supplies to children and refugees in Ukraine.

Become a part of the only cryptocurrency project dedicated to aiding the people of Ukraine.

Contract Address: 0x76e203C106F098A210eAe5daF91A759E92508E3A

Transformative Tech to Change the World

$HELP is a completely decentralized token with a goal of contributing millions of dollars to charities actively bringing help to those who need it most.

This is accomplished using blockchain technology to direct 4% of all transactions to a fund which goes straight to non-profit charities working in Ukraine to reverse the devastating effects of the attacks to their country.

You can join the movement and contribute to the cause today by buying $HELP coin and sharing this cause with a friend or on social media.


The $HELP Ecosystem is revolutionizing philanthropy by using blockchain technology to provide resources to those in need. 


Our purpose and passion is ignited when we come together as a community and create a positive change in the world.


Zero mining, which means a negative-carbon footprint. We'll help Ukraine without using any unnecessary energy.


Organizations We Support


Become a part of something bigger than yourself, and enjoy gains on your investment while saving lives. Help Others, Help Yourself.

Buy Tax: 10%
Sell Tax: 10%
4% Charity
4% Marketing
2% Liquidity Pool

The tokenomics of $HELP are simple. 4% of each transaction goes straight into the charity fund to help Ukraine, and another 4% goes into marketing the project, and 2% goes to the liquidity pool, thus creating a snowball effect providing more and more help to those in need.

It's also important to note that the HELP token's initial liquidity pool has been locked under Mudra Certified Liquidity Locker and the charity wallet is locked with Unicrypt. Both fully audited by TechRate, ensuring safety and security for our community.

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Meet Our Team

Marko Veselinovic

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Wiecek

Chief Operating Officer

Benjamin Reske

Head of Marketing

Oleg Korshunoff

Business Strategist

Regina Zang

Project Manager

Josephine Lucas

Growth Lead


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